Stories by Mark Settle

Information technology – what is it good for?

Technology fads come and go over time but the fundamental business benefits that IT can deliver remain the same. Any technology initiative that can produce dramatic improvements in process automation, data democratization or ease of use will materially improve the business credibility of your company’s IT team and likely enhance the career prospects of its leaders.

Written by Mark Settle10 Oct. 19 23:19

Six pitfalls to Goldilocks service management

Service management concepts have been widely embraced by IT leaders as a means of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisations.

Written by Mark Settle08 Nov. 12 21:46

Nobody ever got fired for talking like this?

Now that another season of NFL games has come to an end and our national summer pastime is about to begin, it's time to swap one set of cliches for another. Sports broadcasting is replete with cliches—nice, comfortable, familiar, predictable phrases that connect current sports fans with previous and future generations of sports enthusiasts.

Written by Mark Settle07 March 11 22:00