Stories by Thornton May

3 lessons for collaboration

Organisations won’t reap the rewards of powerful collaboration tools if they don’t make collaboration itself a strategic priority.

Written by Thornton May17 Aug. 17 10:00

We’re undervaluing collaboration

In our interdependent age, everything depends on a series of collaborations, and yet collaboration remains largely unmeasured and unmanaged.

Written by Thornton May29 June 17 03:52

Preparing for the 15-year future

The answers to the questions you ask yourself will determine the direction you take your organization.

Written by Thornton May06 March 17 23:05

9 big ideas IT shouldn’t ignore

Too often, big ideas exist in press releases, CEO public statements and marketing campaigns but are not part of the operational agenda.

Written by Thornton May18 Oct. 16 03:49

Cyber-knights: roadwarriors in 'shining armour'

Medieval society revolved around the knight. I recall that James Burke, the British polymath saying how the introduction of the stirrup via Afghanistan to Europe led to mounted knights, whose military successes led to a desire for bigger horses, which led to a form of agriculture suited to breeding bigger horses, which required dukes to oversee an extended agricultural enterprise, which all evolved into the feudal system.
In medieval times, decisions about who got to wear the shining armour, how it was to be worn and used, and who had to clean up after the animals, cut the wood or stoke the fires associated with making metal suits of armour were not left to chance. The cost of armour, horses and weapons was quite significant. An entire economy had to be created to get the knight up on horseback and ready for combat.

Written by Thornton May19 July 11 22:00