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Data mining outside the firewall

How do your company's pricing models compare to that of competitors? Are customers making it to your site's deep links or leaving shortly after visiting the home page?
In-depth answers to these questions can be found through mining the Web -- that is, discovering and analyzing Web page content, descriptions found in Web documents, overall Web structure, and Web site usage and access patterns.

Written by Maggie Biggs20 Oct. 03 21:00

Get more our of your data mining models

Is there gold in them there mountains of data? The average large enterprise has terabytes of data on hand -- customer information, supplier exchanges, and internal company records that contain data. Within this mountain of data lie the golden nuggets that can help solve business problems and propel new strategic initiatives. By putting on a miner's hat, you can better analyze the data you already have on hand and enrich your ability to increase revenues and reduce costs.
Advances in both hardware and the capabilities of database management systems make data mining a more compelling proposition today. For example, the plummeting cost of disk storage has enabled enterprises to store more and more data. Likewise, microprocessors keep getting more powerful, while advances in symmetrical multiprocessor technology has removed a lot of the overhead that once limited data mining.

Written by Maggie Biggs20 Oct. 03 21:00

Product Review: IBM unites enterprise development

You hear a lot these days about Java, XML, and Web services. In the majority of enterprises, however, legacy applications are still alive, well, and powering some of the most mission-critical business functions within the organization.
With its integrated development environment, WSED 5.0 (WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer 5.0), IBM has nicely blended development support for mission-critical legacy technologies, such as Cobol and PL/1, together with tools that support Web technologies.

Written by Maggie Biggs13 Sept. 03 22:00

Process makes perfect

Successful software development starts with methodology

Written by Maggie Biggs21 Aug. 01 17:12