Stories by Steve Williams

His Side of the Mattress

A year ago, if you were in your mid-30s, drove a domestic car, and made between $US30,000 and $US40,000 per year, chances are Mattress Giant was trying to get your attention. However, if you fitted that profile, you probably weren't interested in what Mattress Giant had to say. That's because you weren't a customer of the Addison, Texas-based specialty bedding retailer. But the company didn't know that. For years, Mattress Giant annually poured more than $US2 million (or 10 per cent of its annual revenue) into advertising to a demographic that simply wasn't listening. And what would you guess was the information source that drove this misguided strategy? Siebel? Oracle? SAP?

Written by Steve Williams09 Oct. 02 10:00