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How to convince the CFO of the budgetary security need

It had been custom for organizations to think of cyber security in terms of an information technology (IT) problem best left to IT people to address and fix. However, as more prolific breaches were publicized exposing a variety of sensitive personal, financial, and intellectual property-related data, it became clear that this was a rather myopic view in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Written by Brian Contos10 Feb. 16 05:08

5 sins cybersecurity executives should avoid

With the advent of 2016, I was tempted to touch upon my thoughts on what the future of the cyber landscape will hold, prognosticating trends and shifts and what the next big threat would be. However, upon deeper reflection and further review of 2015, I’ve decided to focus on what we as cyber security executives have control of and can influence, as those have a direct and more profound impact on the organizations we steward. The “Five Sins” may seem hyperbolic but given the fact that organizations are continuing to make the same mistakes without trying to rectify them, I think it’s fitting particularly at the end of the year when we aspire to be better than we were yesterday, but not as good as we hope to be tomorrow.

Written by Brian Contos04 Jan. 16 16:39

Big data security context

I just finished up a lengthy tour through Latin America and Asia, as described in many of my latest blogs. Most recently I was in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). I had the opportunity to work with various government agencies, organizations within critical infrastructure and general enterprise businesses across ANZ. Their primary topic of interest: big data. More specifically, they were interested in determining what needs to be part of a successful big data security strategy.

Written by Brian Contos16 April 14 02:41