Stories by David Gee

The CIO coach

I’ve had an amazing career over 19 years as a chief information officer across Australia, Japan, USA, China and the Asia Pacific. This has included roles in the insurance, banking and pharmaceuticals sectors, and during this time I’ve met thousands of CIOs at the global, regional and country level.

Written by David Gee16 April 18 10:46

How to select a tier 1 IT consultant

Imagine there’s a critical business issue that you need fixed and unfortunately, it’s not an assignment for your internal IT team. You don’t like consultants and you haven’t used them previously. But now you need to find someone quickly who can provide the necessary expertise.

Written by David Gee02 March 18 15:04

Who your next CISO might be

Will you hire a risk manager, technologist, white hat hacker or cop?

Written by David Gee10 Jan. 18 16:03

IT career management: Should I update my CV?

As the end of the year approaches and we hopefully receive some much needed breathing space, it’s natural to reflect on one’s career and whether it’s time for a change.

Written by David Gee05 Dec. 17 03:00

​5 tips for your tech transformation

Your transformation journey will have much discomfort and adjustment. Here's a few tips to help smooth the process.

Written by David Gee05 Sept. 16 15:46