Stories by Jared Heng

Beefing up supply chain capabilities

While most logistics executives recognise the importance of green supply chain initiatives for future business success, most are unwilling to step up investments in this area.

Written by Jared Heng05 Nov. 08 07:19

Red Hat promises open-source virtualisation technology

By 2012, more than 90 percent of enterprises are expected to use open source technology in direct or embedded forms, according to research firm, Gartner.
Contrary to some perceptions that open source businesses are unprofitable, Red Hat has achieved significant earnings in this area, according to Gery Messer, president of Red Hat Asia Pacific.

Written by Jared Heng21 Oct. 08 22:00

Showtime on fibre optics

Growing availability of IP-based fibre-optic circuits has presented broadcasting giants such as CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN with more opportunities to beef up service resilience.
In an industry where sending timely information to viewers is critical, CNBC recognised its need to further minimise service latency and downtime. Faced with highly demanding network requirements, the company turned to Macquarie Telecom for a scalable and robust solution.

Written by Jared Heng17 Aug. 08 22:00

'People-friendly' technology

As SAP Asia Pacific's (including Japan) CEO and president, Geraldine McBride has to ensure that the software giant's objectives in the vast region are met.

Written by Jared Heng22 July 08 22:18

Can you speak business?

To obtain their colleagues' buy-in for strategic IT investments, CIOs face the major challenge of efficiently communicating their business cases to fellow C-suite members including the CEO and CFO."'

Written by Jared Heng19 June 08 22:45

SOA positives and pitfalls

Rolling out Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) involves more than just leveraging on technology, according to Bjorn Brauel, Software AG's vice president deputy CTO.

Written by Jared Heng17 April 08 22:27

When the few outweigh the many

Growing from a UK-based company to a global business, Cable & Wireless (C&W) was faced with a critical decision in its marketing strategy--should it be concentrating on increasing their customer pool or is focusing on a few major ones the way to go?

Written by Jared Heng13 Dec. 07 00:54