Stories by Roger A. Grimes

8 types of malware and how to recognise them

This concise malware bestiary will help you get your malware terms right when you hang out with geeks - with basic advice for finding and removing malware when you've been hit

Written by Roger A. Grimes25 July 18 05:51

Hacking bitcoin and blockchain

Both bitcoin and blockchain are vulnerable to attack. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself and why blockchain is becoming a foundational technology.

Written by Roger A. Grimes12 Dec. 17 22:45

5 computer security facts that surprise most people

As a 30-year road warrior, I’ve learned some security truths that seem wrong, but must be accepted if you really want to understand the threats you face.

Written by Roger A. Grimes06 Dec. 17 00:30

The best identity management advice right now

We've never been closer to getting pervasive, global identities. And with 2FA/MFA, you get all of the benefit with less of the risk.

Written by Roger A. Grimes12 June 17 20:01

7 warning signs an employee has gone rogue

For all the emphasis on tools and gizmos, IT is still very much about the people who develop and use said tools and gizmos. Collaboration, mutual respect, passion for the work -- all this and more are essential to a beneficial outcome, whether your IT group is shipping code, swatting bugs, working with business users, or securing company systems.

Written by Roger A. Grimes03 March 15 06:09

6 lessons learned about the scariest security threats

Advanced persistent threats have garnered a lot of attention of late, deservedly so. APTs are arguably the most dangerous security concern for business organizations today, given their targeted nature.

Written by Roger A. Grimes24 Feb. 14 16:13

Security design: Why UAC will not work

It's security's dirty little secret: Not having your users logged in as root or administrator will not stop malware.

Written by Roger A. Grimes14 Jan. 08 07:25