Stories by Kevin Davies

Stem cells and the ballot box

In August 2001, President George W. Bush boxed himself into a corner by curtailing federal support for human embryonic stem (ES) cell research (see First Base, July 2003 Bio·IT World, page 6). By contrast, Sen. John Kerry has been uncharacteristically unequivocal in his support of ES cell research. But for all of the medical and economic upside, some advocates of ES cell research are hurting their cause by grossly exaggerating the benefits and trivializing the surrounding ethical issues.

Written by Kevin Davies20 Oct. 04 15:05

Interview: Smokin' supercomputing

Paracel, located a few blocks from Caltech in Pasadena, Calif., provides high-performance computing solutions to organizations big and small, including Merck & Co.Inc., Aventis, Amersham PLC, and Jackson Labs. Established in 1992, Paracel was acquired by Celera Genomics Group in 2000, and remains a wholly owned subsidiary of Celera parent corporation Applera Corp., offering a variety of customizable systems including GeneMatcher, BlastMachine, and its new Cyclone Linux cluster. Editor-in-chief Kevin Davies met with president Jason Mollé to discuss what sets Paracel apart.
Q: Jason, you arrived at Celera prior to the acquisition of Paracel?

Written by Kevin Davies29 Feb. 04 22:00