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From friends and fans, Steve Jobs tributes pour in

As news of the death of Steve Jobs spread around the Internet, the tributes came pouring in Wednesday, crediting Apple's co-founder and chairman with -- more than once -- changing computing as we know it.

Written by Robert McMillan06 Oct. 11 12:20

Facebook to pay hackers for bugs

Facebook is going to pay hackers to find problems with its website -- just so long as they report them to Facebook's security team first.

Written by Robert McMillan30 July 11 02:56

Cisco: Spammers aren't making money like they used to

Worms, denial-of-service attacks and spam just aren't paying out like they used to. That's what Cisco Systems found when it took a close look at the illegal marketplace for scammers and spammers.

Written by Robert McMillan01 July 11 05:49

Mobile phones are great for phishers

Computer users seem to be getting better at spotting fake websites that are trying to steal their passwords, but when it comes to mobile phones, the deck is most definitely stacked against them.

Written by Robert McMillan29 May 11 22:00

Apple stays quiet about Jobs' future

Apple executives answered questions about the company's products and the state of the Korean technology market Tuesday, but they offered no insight into the most pressing issue before the world's most valuable technology company: Is Steve Jobs coming back?

Written by Robert McMillan19 Jan. 11 11:13

Never recycle your passwords

Change your passwords twice a year and never reuse them. Those are a few of the tips Google lists in an online security checklist that helps people stay one step ahead of the scammers.
With most internet users now wary of spam messages, fraudsters have increasingly focused on popular Web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and Hotmail. They break into accounts and then send their messages to the victim's contacts, hoping that the spam will be more effective because it comes from a friend. "People are far more likely to respond to a message from someone they know," said Andrew Brandt, lead threat researcher with antivirus vendor Webroot, speaking via instant message.

Written by Robert McMillan16 Oct. 10 22:00

Oracle could axe 10,000 jobs after Sun deal

As many as 10,000 people could lose their jobs as the result of Oracle's surprise US$7.4 billion acquisition of Silicon Valley icon Sun Microsystems, a financial analyst predicted.
Excluding charges related to the restructuring, Oracle expects the Sun deal to contribute $1.5 billion toward its earnings next year and $2 billion in the second year of the acquisition, making it "more profitable in per-share contribution in the first year than we had planned for the acquisitions of BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel combined," Oracle President Safra Catz said in a statement Monday.

Written by Robert McMillan20 April 09 22:00

Google accidentally sends out Kama Sutra worm

Google accidentally sent out e-mail containing a mass mailing worm to about 50,000 members of an e-mail discussion list focused on its Google Video Blog, the company said Tuesday.

Written by Robert McMillan09 Nov. 06 08:49

Diebold source code leaked again

Source code to Diebold Election Systems Inc. voting machines has been leaked once again.

Written by Robert McMillan20 Oct. 06 23:37

US court threatens Spamhaus with shut down

A U.S. court has threatened to shut down the Spamhaus Project, a volunteer-run antispam service, for ignoring a US$11.7 million judgement against it.

Written by Robert McMillan10 Oct. 06 08:33

FBI: Cybercriminals taking cues from Mafia

The website offered to sell stolen credit card information for US$100, but it was the title of the poster that caught FBI agent Thomas X Grasso Jr.'s attention. The cybercriminal identified himself as a "Capo di capo", a boss of bosses, in Mafia parlance.
As money has become the driving force behind online threats, cyber-criminals have been taking a page from organised crime, adopting the same kind of organisational structures as these older crime groups, Grasso told an audience Friday at the Defcon hacker conference. Defcon immediately follows Black Hat, its sister show.

Written by Robert McMillan06 Aug. 06 22:00

UPDATE - Microsoft patches Excel, Office bugs

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday released its monthly round of security patches, fixing a number of widely reported bugs in its Excel and Office products.

Written by Robert McMillan11 July 06 23:43

Losses continue at Sun

Despite some bright spots with its Opteron-based server line and midrange storage arrays, Sun Microsystemshas reported lacklustre results for its first fiscal quarter of 2006. Revenue hit $US2.7 billion, an increase of just under 4 per cent, year-over-year, and the company posted a net loss for the quarter.

Written by Robert McMillan03 Nov. 05 07:15