Stories by Janice Brand

Ideas 2003: Beyond Pokémon

If it's on the kids in Japan now, it'll be in the mall in Sheboygan soon enough. Japanese kids are the earliest of early adopters of tech gadgetry that goes beyond the merely playful. Wouldn't it be nice to outfit the sales department in wearable PCs? Or, on your next business trip, remember your watch and leave the cell phone at home? Here's a selection of what the Japanese kids are using--and what you'll be hearing more about in 2003.

Written by Janice Brand27 Jan. 03 22:00

Ideas 2003: Warchalking coming near you

Not many of us have had firsthand experience with the symbols that hobos used during the Depression to let each other know where a free bed or meal would be available. But Matt Jones, a British Internet product designer, resurrected those secret signs and used their basic idea to come up with a new iconography called warchalking--for use by wireless hobos.

Written by Janice Brand26 Jan. 03 22:00