Stories by Edward Prewitt

Let's start meeting like this

Virtual collaboration has become standard practice at many organizations. You probably know from your own experience, however, that e-mail tends to be unwieldy, teleconferences are annoying, and videoconferences often look like they've been beamed from Mars. Meeting face-to-face is presumed to be the best way of doing business, even if not always possible.

Written by Edward Prewitt06 July 04 23:17

Ideas 2003: Book 'em

One of the more popular business books in recent years is titled First, Break All the Rules. Executives at Adelphia Communications Corp., Enron Corp., Tyco International Ltd. and WorldCom Inc. may have taken that advice too literally.

Written by Edward Prewitt27 Jan. 03 22:00

Turn techs into execs

It's an old cliche that tech geeks lack social skills, but it remains true, says Sharon Gazda, president of Edizen, an executive coaching and management consultancy based in Springfield, Mass. When working with CIO wannabes, she finds them struggling over and over to develop the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in leadership roles. "The folks that best understand what networking means from a technology side are the least likely to understand people networks," she says. "They don't even see them."

Written by Edward Prewitt12 Nov. 02 22:00