Stories by John Lamb

Are Management Training Courses Valuable for IT?

After four days of potholing, moving barrels across imaginary ravines and trying to map-read their way around the countryside, the pressure on the group of trainees was beginning to tell.

Written by John Lamb06 March 09 09:00

Interim CIOs Are on the Rise

In the old Westerns, the taciturn hero would drift into town, and with a "yep" and a "nope" he'd see off the bad guys before riding into the sunset. These days, the household names of British business are increasingly likely to turn to a hired hand for help in a crisis. And while interim CIOs are hardly the stuff from which gunslingers are made, there is more than a whiff of the OK Corral about their tales from the frontiers of IT management.

Written by John Lamb21 July 08 08:26