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The best way to block employee access to websites

We are beginning to have more and more of a problem with “improper” use of the internet. Although we expect some personal use - periodic checking of personal email, for example. But sometimes there is less business use of the internet happening and less productivity that has been getting noticed. We have been told that putting a proxy in place can help with this. Will a firewall be able to do this instead? Would appreciate some suggestions on how to deal with this.
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Written by Ron Nutter24 July 07 22:00

Doing more with less

FRAMINGHAM (09/29/2003) - As with most companies, we have had our budget cut and have lost some personnel. I am concerned about knowing more about our network and what is going on than we do. On a limited budget what are some good tools that we can use to keep a finger on the pulse of the network?

Written by Ron Nutter29 Sept. 03 19:29