Stories by CIO Executive Council

CIOs need to build a business-savvy bench

Here's a look at how three CIOs are cultivating a business-focused outlook among the up-and-coming IT leaders who report to them.

Written by CIO Executive Council29 May 15 23:41

CIOs Share Their Secrets to Project Success

Three CIOs discuss how they balance traditional and unconventional approaches to keep projects on track and deliver on their promises.

Written by CIO Executive Council28 Aug. 14 05:48

How Leading CIOs Deal With Shadow IT

Learn how three innovate CIOs are minimizing the risks of shadow IT, optimizing opportunities and building better partnerships.

Written by CIO Executive Council17 June 14 08:42

Lessons in Marketing IT's Value

Tech execs boost IT credibility by educating their peers about the business benefits they deliver.

Written by CIO Executive Council28 April 14 22:54

How CIOs can catch the board's ear

Three IT leaders share their strategies for telling the technology story to the board of directors. In short, you need to be focused, compelling and straightforward -- and a little humour doesn't hurt.

Written by CIO Executive Council30 Sept. 13 09:30

How to foster an IT youth movement

These CIOs are engaging the next generation of IT workers with programs that energise, inspire and educate young students about the real world of IT.

Written by CIO Executive Council25 July 13 12:41

Three CIO Strategies for Going Global

When these companies went global, they leveraged IT to unify, localize and lay the foundation for future growth

Written by CIO Executive Council27 May 13 19:00

Making better business decisions

Scenario: Enhancing IT's reputation by using business intelligence to help make better decisions

Written by CIO Executive Council01 Dec. 11 08:40

Global ERP rollouts: Management secrets

Your ERP rollout is global. But as you work with offices around the world, remember that all ERP is local, say IT leaders who've been there. Consider this expert advice from IT leaders on the CIO Executive Council:

Written by CIO Executive Council27 Oct. 10 05:46

How are CIOs Meeting Evolving CEO Expectations?

Chris Patrick is the global CIO practice leader at executive recruiter Egon Zehnder International (EZI), and co-author with EZI Partner Steve Kelner, of a new online series for<a href="">Your Leadership Portfolio</a>--which examines the key leadership competencies that IT executives must cultivate over the course of their careers to meet the future demands of the role. Patrick sat down with Rick Pastore, managing director of the CIO Executive Council, for a discussion on the evolving role of the CIO, the impact of the worldwide recession, and the progress IT leaders are making in meeting the expectations of the CEO.

Written by CIO Executive Council21 May 10 04:58

CIOs as Business Leaders

How can CIOs demonstrate their ability to lead business initiatives that transcend IT?

Written by CIO Executive Council05 Jan. 10 08:05