Stories by David Kelleher

Managing concerns around Facebook and MySpace

Millions of people have a personal online profile; they share photos, news and gossip with friends, spend hours updating their details and adding new friends. Welcome to social networking and the world of MySpace and Bebo.
What makes social networking on the Internet so popular is the power it gives individuals to create, maintain and expand any number of networks to include family, close friends and people who share a similar interest, profession or hobby.

Written by David Kelleher18 Feb. 09 22:00

10 Things That WON'T Happen in 2009

Predicting the future is a futile exercise but there are some things that never seem to change year after year even though every effort is made by security professionals to raise awareness and reduce the risk. The list below is not unfamiliar to IT administrators and it is really a checklist of those security issues that resurface every year and are never completely dealt with.

Written by David Kelleher10 Jan. 09 05:32