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Energy carnivores

Ask any CIO of a major multinational organisation what the current cause of their major worries is, and, financial crisis aside, most will point to their data centres.

Written by Ross O. Storey17 May 09 22:00

Going green faces growing costs

'Going green' is becoming more expensive and regulated, according to a new series of industry sector insight reports unveiled by information technology researchers the Aberdeen Group.
"Our research reveals that although many companies are making progress in creating green products, they are overwhelmed by the need to be in compliance with numerous regulations and the high costs and investments needed to take advantage of green technologies such as eco-friendly materials and improved power consumption," said Michelle Boucher, research analyst, product innovation and engineering practice, Aberdeen Group.

Written by Ross O. Storey06 May 09 22:00

'Smart wi-fi' market booming in the Asia Pacific

It is headquartered in Silicon Valley but manufactures its smart wi-fi technology systems in Malaysia and currently earns 80 per cent of its revenue from the Asia Pacific.

Written by Ross O. Storey28 April 09 05:20

Be 'business-centric'

Senior IT executives need to be more involved in the enterprise business planning process, beyond just a support role. A prominent business chief speaks about his demands on the role of the CIO.
He pulls no punches when defining the role of information technology systems in the 21st century and the senior executives responsible for them.

Written by Ross O. Storey18 March 09 23:00 sees Microsoft Azure as validating SaaS

The Asia Pacific is now the fastest-growing region for -- which this week announced that it had become the world's very first billion dollar enterprise cloud computing company.

Written by Ross O. Storey28 Feb. 09 03:53

How golden will be the year of the OX?

Whether you subscribe to Chinese astrological beliefs or not, there are some interesting parallels between the views of Asia’s senior IT executives about 2009, and the traditional zodiac description of the Ox personality.
It is said that the Ox is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work and that security is their main preoccupation in life. Ox people are wary of new trends, although occasionally they can be encouraged to try something new. Oxen have very logical minds and are extremely systematic in what they do, if lacking in a little imagination. Ox people are extremely intelligent and speak little but are articulate and eloquent when they do.

Written by Ross O. Storey23 Feb. 09 22:00

‘Business’ CIOs are safest

Downward pressure on information technology (IT) salaries, longer hours, more outsourcing and more ‘creative’ employment contracts; on the face of it there’s limited good news about the employment outlook for the Asia Pacific information technology industry in 2009.
Many crystal ball gazers expect a stormy 2009 for the IT industry.

Written by Ross O. Storey21 Feb. 09 22:00

Global executives warned of online reputation danger

Nearly three-quarters of Asia Pacific business executives regard their company's reputation as vulnerable and nearly all of them use the internet to assess other firms.

Written by Ross O. Storey05 Feb. 09 03:08

NetApp promises 'almost immediate' ROI

New end-to-end storage management technologies can provide 'almost immediate' return on investment (ROI) for storage, network, and server assets, according to storage and data management provider NetApp.

Written by Ross O. Storey19 Dec. 08 07:02

Re-wiring IT for tough times

Can the adoption of an IT service management (ITSM) approach 'historically re-wire' an enterprise's IT systems in a time of economic turmoil? We talk to Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia's newly-appointed financial service team director Axel Winter.
How important is ITSM in the current economic downturn?

Written by Ross O. Storey17 Dec. 08 22:00

Shift needed for web access management: Gartner

A significant shift in enterprise thinking is needed relating to the use of web access management (WAM) tools, or other technologies, to centralize authorization systems, according to research house Gartner.

Written by Ross O. Storey17 Dec. 08 04:52

Beijing, Barack and the rise of the Cloud 2008

If IT offered gold medals for the year 2008, the winners would include business intelligence, Web 2.0 and cloud computing. Among the lower medal ranks would be software-as-a-service (SaaS), service-oriented architecture (SOA) and vendors who failed to keep up with the service pace.
Perhaps the technology highs of this year were the Beijing Olympics and the US election of Barack Obama. The Games' impeccably orchestrated IT systems opened China to a new level of world respect, while the American Democratic party swept the Republicans from office, using the powerful tools of the world wide web.

Written by Ross O. Storey15 Dec. 08 22:00

Business analytics software grows in popularity

Despite the economic downturn, IDC predicts that the business analytics market will still grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.7 per cent in the next five years.

Written by Ross O. Storey11 Dec. 08 04:46

Incredible global support for Software-as-a-Service

Half of Asia Pacific enterprises are shifting away from on-premises software to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), according to new research by Gartner.
SaaS's cost effectiveness, ease and speed of deployment, meant that nearly 90 per cent of organizations surveyed, in eight major countries in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the US, expected to maintain or grow their use of the 'remotely-hosted software rental' model.

Written by Ross O. Storey04 Dec. 08 22:00