Stories by Howard Anderson

Tech valentines from Hell

An errant Valentine Mail Server inadvertently forwarded me a bunch of Valentines for other people. I thought I would share.

Written by Howard Anderson08 Feb. 08 18:22

The life of a CIO: It's not pretty

Want one of the worst jobs in American industry? Try chief information officer, a job with a lofty title and plenty of land mines, almost all of them more related to Machiavelli than technology.

Written by Howard Anderson29 Aug. 07 12:22

Opinion: Brother Bill and the next Holy War

I have known Bill Gates since his company was called Micro-Soft and its headquarters was in Albuquerque, N.M. The man is an adrenaline junkie and nothing jump-starts his heart more than a well-focused enemy. Gates needs an Enemy of the Day the way you and I need water. He has built his company on a series of jihads, identifying competitors that he can focus on, analyze and vanquish.
Shakespeare once said, "Sweet are the uses of adversity," and that was never truer of anyone more than Brother Bill. Gates relishes tapping into his mental powers to figure out a way to defeat a foe. Sometimes the enemy can be overcome with technology, sometimes with clout, sometimes with guile, sometimes with size.

Written by Howard Anderson22 June 05 22:00