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Meet the superslim, all-in-one iMac G5

If you were to rank all the reasons for Apple Computer's mid-nineties revival, you'd have to put the success of the original iMac (along with the return of a guy named Steve) right at the top of the list. The brightly colored plastic all-in-one not only inspired all sorts of copycat designs, computer-related (mice, printers, and hubs) and otherwise (the George Foreman grill), but also made computing fun again. The flat-panel iMac introduced two years ago had the same effect -- here was a computer you wouldn’t mind displaying out in the open, instead of tucking your system away behind closed doors.
In many ways, the new iMac G5 represents an even more radical design leap than the two models that came before it. Apple’s Web site touts the new iMac as being “from the creators of iPod.” That’s more than a not-so-subtle reminder to buyers that the iMac shares a bank account with a certain sleek, white consumer product that accounts for most of Apple’s profits these days. It also speaks to some striking similarities in look and style.

Written by Jonathan Seff29 Sept. 04 22:00