Stories by Rebecca Reid

BI projects approached in bits and pieces

Business intelligence software is finding a warmer reception in the enterprise, but customers still aren’t sure how they can get the biggest bang for their buck, and where IT fits into this scenario.
At one panel discussion during Information Builders Inc.’s (IBI) users’ conference in Chicago, two issues dominated: not only are business intelligence (BI) projects being driven by the business, not IT, and these projects being more successful when done incrementally.

Written by Rebecca Reid20 Oct. 03 21:00

IDC: Global SI services market still growing

While the double-digit growth seen in the systems integration (SI) services market is a thing of the past, IDC in Framingham, Mass., released a report indicating this market will start to recover in the second half of 2003, and will grow six percent in 2004.
The study, entitled Worldwide and U.S. Systems Integration Services Forecast and Analysis 2003 -- 2007, forecasts that the worldwide SI market will increase from about US$65.5 billion in 2002 to US$82.8 billion in 2007 -- a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8 percent.

Written by Rebecca Reid13 Aug. 03 22:00

CRM evolving to profitability management

Customer relationship management (CRM) in the telecommunications space is all about finding the optimum way of putting information about clients into the hands of employees who are at the front lines -- the call center representatives (CCRs).

Written by Rebecca Reid17 April 03 08:25