Stories by Duncan Jones

Supplier relationships: From duels to duets

Forrester's conversations with clients and surveys with sourcing and vendor management professionals reveal widespread dissatisfaction with your most important vendors -- the ones you call "strategic" and/or "partner." They are the vendors receiving the largest shares of the client's budget and should therefore be giving them the best possible commercial treatment and delivery service level. However, it's safe to say that we see plenty of instances in which large providers are guilty of refusing to give money back when they've failed to deliver, or taking advantage of contract vagueness or loopholes.

Written by Duncan Jones20 Feb. 12 22:00

How IT Sourcing Group Can Win Influence with Business

How do you secure a good deal with a large software vendor when you only have four weeks to raise the purchase order (PO)? The answer: By not letting your colleagues put you in that position. IT sourcing can only do its job effectively if it is involved much earlier in the selection process. However, many sourcing executives are struggling to properly negotiate contracts with little notice or support from the ultimate contract owners.

Written by Duncan Jones26 June 10 03:45