Stories by Chuck Martin

Hate to travel? You're in good company

Facing late flights, lost luggage, overbooked flights and tedious security procedures, the weary business travelers plod on. And while they may not like the experience, they are likely to spend the same amount of time or more in the air over the next year.

Written by Chuck Martin18 Oct. 07 16:59

Too few manners at work

Work might be a bit more pleasant for everyone if more people practiced good manners at the office, whether it's remembering to say please and thank you or waiting one's turn to talk.

Written by Chuck Martin26 Sept. 07 18:52

How to Plan for the Short Term

The concept of managing for the short term has traditionally suffered from a stigma when contrasted to the notion of being a long-term visionary thinker. Short term was considered bad, while long term was considered good.

Written by Chuck Martin09 Oct. 02 10:00