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Internet phone number trial goes live in Australia

Mapping of telephone numbers to domain names using a Domain Name System (DNS)-based architecture to facilitate services like voice over IP has moved a step closer with the launch of a Enum trial in Australia.
Electronic Telephone Numbers Mapping, or Enum, can be used to map a single number to a subscriber's record including telephone numbers, SIP addresses, e-mail addresses, or fax numbers. The owner of the Enum record would be able to decide how they would like to be contacted, or they may allow a caller to view all their contact details and decide for themselves.

Written by Computerworld Australia staff07 June 05 22:00

National Australia Bank to cut IT jobs this week

National Australia Bank Ltd. (NAB) IT staff are expected to be hit by job cuts this week when the bank makes its half-yearly profit announcement.
NAB is expected to slash up to 3,000 jobs and announce plans to outsource some IT functions including check processing.

Written by Computerworld Australia staff09 May 05 22:00