Stories by Mohanbir Sawhney

Fields of Online Dreams

We naturally assume that industrial enterprises are the most fertile grounds for e-business implementation. And we assume that conducting e-business requires communications infrastructure and a minimum level of computer literacy. On a recent trip to India, I discovered how wrong those assumptions are. A quiet digital revolution is reshaping the lives of farmers in remote Indian villages.

Written by Mohanbir Sawhney11 Nov. 02 12:05

Getting real about getting paid

As a business school professor, my compensation is based in part on how satisfied my students are. The corporate world follows a similar logic. CEOs get paid based on how shareholders value their company's stock. Companies such as Cisco Systems Inc., Siebel Systems Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. link bonus compensation to customer satisfaction.

Written by Mohanbir Sawhney26 Sept. 02 22:00

Damn the ROI, Full Speed Ahead

In today's harsh economic climate, CFOs and CEOs are asking tough questions about the returns on investment from their e-business projects. They are confronting CIOs with the command that Cuba Gooding Jr repeatedly says to his agent in the movie Jerry Maguire: "Show me the money!"Gone are the days when e-business projects would be approved based on faith, fear or greed. Nowadays, every such project has to be justified with a solid business case that includes an estimated ROI.

Written by Mohanbir Sawhney05 Aug. 02 11:36

Putting the Horse First

B2B exchanges failed because they got their business model backward.

Written by Mohanbir Sawhney11 June 02 10:40