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Gates debuts new Vista, friendlier Office

The ooo's and ahh's reverberated through the Los Angeles Convention Center as Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and other executives walked attendees at the company's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) through the latest build of Windows Vista, and, for the first time publicly, the next version of Microsoft Office codenamed "Office 12."
Attendees packed the hall for the latest version of the gospel according to Bill, and Gates played to the crowd, beginning with a pep talk for the crowd of software developers, telling them it's a great time to be a developer.

Written by Jeff Jedras14 Sept. 05 22:00

Telcos unite against Canadian gov't VOIP decision

Four of Canada's major telephone companies held a joint press conference in Ottawa Thursday, calling on Industry Minister David Emerson and the Federal cabinet to overturn the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)'s decision on the regulation of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP).

Written by Jeff Jedras29 July 05 20:26