Stories by Kathleen S. Carr

How to IP-theftproof your desk

Ever leave your desk drawers unlocked, forget to log off your laptop when you leave the office, or post your passwords where you and everyone else in the building can see them? Even the most conscientious employees are vulnerable to the occasional lapse in IP safety and could use a regular refresher. Ira Winkler, president of the Internet Security Advisors Group and former National Security Agency analyst, offers his advice for keeping prying eyes at bay.

Written by Kathleen S. Carr07 Jan. 08 21:56

How to survive a violent situation

When violence erupts, our first instincts are not always the best. Whether it's an armed individual who enters the workplace or random gunfire in an open area, following these steps can increase your chance of survival.

Written by Kathleen S. Carr26 July 07 20:43

To catch a thief

It happened to Bank of America. Then T-Mobile. And then ChoicePoint. When computer security at each of these billion-dollar organizations was breached, customer data was exposed. A lot of customer data. According to The Washington Post, 50 million customer accounts have been exposed to the possibility of identity fraud since the beginning of this year.

Written by Kathleen S. Carr05 Aug. 05 00:29