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Analysis: Smaller HP still drawing post-merger road map

Now that new Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd has taken the first step in his plan to improve the company's uneven performance in recent quarters, he must decide what kind of company HP will become as it approaches its 70th birthday at the end of this decade.
Should it become a lean, efficient, commodity-product supplier? Or perhaps an innovative consultant to the major IT departments of the world? Can HP attempt to do both, as it has done since its acquisition of Compaq in 2002, while fending off challenges from Dell Inc. and IBM Corp?

Written by Tom Krazit19 July 05 22:00

Apple sets records for revenue, income in Q3

The phenomenal growth of Apple Computer's iPod music player was joined by strong growth in Mac shipments during the company's third quarter, leading Apple to the best financial quarter in its history.
However, Apple's guidance for its fourth fiscal quarter indicates that the Cupertino, California, company is not sure whether it can sustain its momentum following the news that it plans to start using Intel's processors next year.

Written by Tom Krazit13 July 05 22:00

Analysts see major HP changes from the Hurd effect

New Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd has made several organisational changes since arriving at the company, but he's just getting warmed up in the minds of many analysts who follow the company.

Written by Tom Krazit13 July 05 08:11

Notebooks gaining ground, but desktops not dead -- yet

Notebook PC shipments are set to exceed desktop PC shipments in upcoming months in the US, but vendors continue to make the desktops a major part of their product lineups heading into one of the prime seasons for PC purchases, a market researcher is predicting.

Written by Tom Krazit01 July 05 08:54

Security breach may have exposed 40M credit cards

A hacker was able to access potentially 40 million credit card numbers by infiltrating the network of a company that processed payment data for MasterCard International and other companies, MasterCard said Friday.

Written by Tom Krazit20 June 05 08:00

Mac OS on a Dell? Dell in favor, Apple opposed

If Apple Computer Inc. ever decides to let its Mac OS X operating system outside of its confines, the company can count Dell Inc. founder and Chairman Michael Dell as a possible customer.
With the recent news that Apple plans to become a fellow customer of Intel Corp. for x86 processors, Dell has expressed interest in selling Mac OS X-based PCs, he said in an e-mail to Fortune published on the magazine's Web site Thursday.

Written by Tom Krazit16 June 05 22:00

Apple shifting from PowerPC to Intel

Macintosh computers using Intel chips will be on the market by this time next year with all Apple Computer Macs moved over to Intel chips by the end of 2007, Apple said Monday at its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Written by Tom Krazit07 June 05 07:39

Intel rolls out Pentium D, new chipsets with partners

The two most visible pieces of Intel Corp.'s revamped product design strategy, the Pentium D and accompanying 945 chipset, were finally released Thursday at an event in San Francisco. PC users in offices and living rooms can now purchase systems with dual-core processors as well as chipsets that incorporate a number of new technologies designed to boost performance.

Written by Tom Krazit26 May 05 18:59

Motorola produces sample HD display using nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes grown on a piece of glass are the secret ingredient in a prototype high-defintion display developed by Motorola that promises to combine the size advantages of LCD technology with the brightness of older display technology.

Written by Tom Krazit11 May 05 07:30

Dell: Sure, we've got PCs, but try the printers

A casual observer of the IT industry who stumbled upon Dell's analyst meeting in Austin, Texas, last week while looking for a blues bar on Sixth Street might have emerged from the ballroom of The Four Seasons Hotel slightly confused about the nature of the company.

Written by Tom Krazit11 April 05 08:52

Dell's path to $80b in revenue downplays the PC

Dell took great pains to reassure financial analysts Thursday that it can rise above a cooling PC market and continue to grow at rates that will enable it to record US$80 billion in yearly revenue by 2009.

Written by Tom Krazit08 April 05 08:04

Intel's Barrett reflects on tenure as CEO

Intel Corp.'s Craig Barrett has maintained his sense of humor about resigning his chief executive officer (CEO) role in May and becoming chairman of the world's largest semiconductor maker, referring to the process as "getting kicked upstairs and out of the way" during an interview at the Spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Tuesday.

Written by Tom Krazit01 March 05 21:42

Intel holds speed on new Pentium 4 chips

Intel has released the first update to its Pentium 4 family since the company decided it had reached the practical limit of the chip's clock speed.

Written by Tom Krazit21 Feb. 05 13:49

3GSM - TI preps for 3G phones with new EDGE products

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) will introduce a new category within its OMAP mobile phone processor family that the company says will make 3G mobile phones more affordable for mainstream users by integrating tasks previously handled by separate chips.
The Dallas company is expected to unveil the OMAP-VOX family of chips at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes Monday. The first chip in the family, the OMAPV1030, is designed for EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) phones that fall just shy of the data rates required to be classified as true 3G (third-generation) mobile phones. However, future OMAP-VOX chips will support the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) 3G standard.

Written by Tom Krazit14 Feb. 05 22:00