Stories by Simson Garfinkel

Go with the Flow

Packet flows can help you monitor your network, trace a hacker's footsteps and see how your VPN is used.

Written by Simson Garfinkel21 Dec. 04 11:43

Keep it simple

One of the hardest things about computer security is making the so-called secure computers easy to use. Indeed, building computers that are both secure and usable is so difficult that many IT professionals believe that security and usability are antagonistic goals that must be balanced.

Written by Simson Garfinkel09 June 04 18:37

Signed, sealed and delivered

Few organizations send confidential information on postcards. Credit card statements, medical records, job offers and personal correspondence are invariably sealed in envelopes before they are sent.

Written by Simson Garfinkel26 April 04 11:34