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SAS Enterprise Miner 5.1 digs into data

A vital but rare skill among technology management teams is the ability to prepare and apply tools that help an organization adapt to the present and future and not just respond to the recent past.
BA (business analytics) and BI tools enhance an organization's ability to survive by facilitating a full range of defensive strategies, such as reducing risk or lowering inventory, and aggressive moves, such as finding new customers or higher-margin markets.

Written by Jeff Angus08 Aug. 04 22:00

Knowledge managing

In a flat economy it's time for enterprises to take another look at KM's role. Knowledge management has never been so clearly a superior investment as it is now in this permafrost economy.

Written by Jeff Angus18 June 03 16:42

Knowledge management: KM's father figure -- Robert Buckman

No one can lay claim to originating the term knowledge management, but a big share of credit goes to the person who first turned the concept into a highly functional, industrial-grade reality: Robert Buckman, semi-retired CEO of Buckman Laboratories International Inc., a Memphis, Tenn.-based chemical company with approximately 1,400 employees in 80 countries.
In an interview with InfoWorld Contributing Editor Jeff Angus, Buckman discussed the origins of his knowledge-driven enterprise and how management should deal with knowledge initiatives in this tight-budget economy.

Written by Jeff Angus04 May 03 22:00