Stories by Tony Bradley

10 years from Hurricane Katrina: IT lessons learned

Ten years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, IT pros say being less dependent on physical locations is just one of the keys to ensuring your company doesn’t go out of business when disaster strikes.

Written by Tony Bradley28 Aug. 15 17:26

Is Windows 10 the end of privacy as we know it?

Some are freaking out over Windows 10 privacy settings but Microsoft is not "Big Brother" and the features and services that make Windows 10 great require some tradeoffs of privacy for functionality.

Written by Tony Bradley24 Aug. 15 18:49

Businesses ill-prepared to defend against dramatic rise in zero day attacks

Businesses have been diligently working to defend against attacks and exploits for years. The problem is that much of the conventional wisdom about security is reactive and most of the security tools available are only effective against known threats. The rise over the last year or so in targeted zero day attacks has left many organizations feeling defenseless and concerned.

Written by Tony Bradley04 June 15 06:12

Data breaches can be prevented with one simple solution

There have been so many major data breaches over the past year or two that it's hardly even news anymore when millions of customer accounts are compromised. We've become jaded, and just expect that attackers will find a way to penetrate our networks and steal our data. The reality, however, is that there is one simple thing companies--and individuals--can do that will prevent the vast majority of data breaches: two-factor authentication.

Written by Tony Bradley20 Jan. 15 06:37

What you need to know about Heartbleed and OpenSSL

You know that little padlock icon you look for to ensure your Web traffic is encrypted and secure? It turns out that you might not be as secure as you think thanks to a vulnerability that was accidentally introduced into the code of OpenSSL.

Written by Tony Bradley10 April 14 03:04

Whose fault is it that users are the weakest link?

An organization can spend mountains of cash on best of breed network defenses and security tools, but it can all come crashing down with one click from a user. Users are the weakest link when it comes to network and computer security, but a new survey from Globalscape reveals that the users themselves aren't entirely to blame.

Written by Tony Bradley03 April 14 06:11

Time machines: take charge of your life with these time trackers

If you've ever felt fried at the end of your work day yet couldn't account for how you got to that state, you're not alone. One task blurs into another leaving no record of how you spent your time. That's where a time tracker can help. Whether you just want to track your professional tasks to assess your productivity or you actually bill clients by the hour, these tools can help you reclaim lost time and develop more efficient work habits.

Written by Tony Bradley15 Feb. 14 01:41

Yahoo Mail hack teaches a valuable lesson

Yahoo Mail was hacked. Details are sketchy in terms of just how many Yahoo Mail accounts have been compromised. Yahoo suggests that the attackers most likely gained access to the data through a third-party database outside of Yahoo control. Regardless of how the compromise occurred, there is a lesson to be learned here...again.

Written by Tony Bradley31 Jan. 14 22:25

Retailer data breach trend not likely to end soon

Three major retail chains have recently admitted being victims of massive data breaches that compromised sensitive data from over 100 million customers. Sadly, though, Target, Nieman-Marcus, and Michael's are just the beginning of a trend that isn't likely to fade away any time soon.

Written by Tony Bradley27 Jan. 14 21:40

Why 2013 was the year of the personal data breach

As 2013 winds to a close, it's time to look back at the biggest security events and incidents of the year. Here's hoping there are some lessons to be learned--something to provide a foundation for stronger protection and a safer online and mobile world in 2014 and beyond.

Written by Tony Bradley26 Dec. 13 16:21

Alert: Your password is probably compromised...again

Hackers have exposed millions of passwords from Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Sadly, password compromise is so common that it barely even registers as news any more. Suffice to say that it's probably time to change your password again.

Written by Tony Bradley06 Dec. 13 18:00

The more you know, the less likely you are to be a victim of cybercrime

Cybercrime is more costly than most organizations realize, and those costs are continuing to rise. The cost per victim has increased 50 percent, and the total cost of cybercrime is a staggering $113 billion--with a "B." One way to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime is to make sure users are trained to recognize potential threats.

Written by Tony Bradley22 Nov. 13 20:56

Good Technology helps businesses break the BlackBerry habit

BlackBerry has been in a death spiral, and it's immediate future is a mystery. That is cause for concern for companies that rely on BlackBerry, and has forced businesses to start considering an exit strategy. But the real challenge is finding an alternate platform that doesn't compromise on security. Good Technology thinks it has the solution.

Written by Tony Bradley25 Oct. 13 21:00