Stories by Kenneth Corbin

NFL's CIO Tackles Big Data, Player Safety and In-Game Technology

The National Football League's CIO, a position that didn't exist three years ago, explains how the NFL is tackling big data challenges, overhauling stats and bringing new technology on the field and behind the scenes.

Written by Kenneth Corbin24 June 14 05:21

How CIOs Can Tailor BYOD Initiatives for the Public Sector

For all the buzz around mobility and BYOD, the entry of new devices into the network poses challenges for federal CIOs, who must tailor policies to address security and usage challenges.

Written by Kenneth Corbin13 June 14 01:03

Why Health Data Is a Big Data Challenge

There's no shortage of health data, and it's growing at a rapid clip, but experts in the field cite challenges around making that information useful, readable and relevant to the physicians and patients who need it most.

Written by Kenneth Corbin06 June 14 22:40

U.S. Must Crack Down on China's Cyber Threats

Former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon says that persistent cyber intrusions into corporate networks emanating from China are sapping economic relations with the United States.

Written by Kenneth Corbin15 May 14 00:36

Tech CEOs Warn of Threats to Cloud, Big Data Economy

Leaders of some of the nation's top tech firms say protectionist cloud policies and Internet restrictions could undermine the potential of the data revolution. To that end, they call on policymakers to advocate the free flow of information across national borders -- and to pay special attention to nations restricting Internet freedom.

Written by Kenneth Corbin14 March 14 14:30

5 Things Cloud Providers Need to Know About Selling to the Government

Selling cloud services to the federal government is a rigorous process. Documentation, not to the mention the word 'No,' play a big part. Here veterans of the FedRAMP cloud certification process share some tips and dispel some myths.

Written by Kenneth Corbin04 March 14 17:17

Cloud Service Providers Fight Back, Challenge NSA

Facing a real business threat from the fallout from the NSA's intelligence gathering, tech sector luminaries are expanding their presence in Washington as they lobby for surveillance reforms.

Written by Kenneth Corbin26 Feb. 14 15:30

U.S. CIO Urges Feds to Fail Fast, Not Fail Big

Taking a page from the private sector, federal CIO Steve VanRoekel calls for a more agile, iterative approach to government IT projects.

Written by Kenneth Corbin10 Feb. 14 16:53

Retail CIOs Look to Break Online and Offline Shopping Barriers

Tech leaders at retailers are heading for a software refresh, and many are expecting to replace legacy in-store systems with unified ecommerce systems in a bid to keep up with changing shopping habits.

Written by Kenneth Corbin27 Jan. 14 15:42

CIOs Must Balance Cloud Security and Customer Service

Cloud era brings government IT new challenge of keeping data secure while broadening user access. This will require federal CIOs to take a more granular approach to access and encryption.

Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Jan. 14 17:27

10 Stories That Shaped Tech Policy in 2013

From the NSA surveillance revelations to the troubled government healthcare website to a variety of issues that didn't make the mainstream news, here are the top tech policy stories that played out in 2013.

Written by Kenneth Corbin23 Dec. 13 20:26