Stories by Kenneth Corbin

Unlocking Mobile Devices Could Give BYOD a Boost

As consumers (and workers) grow increasingly dependent on mobile devices and BYOD becomes more prevalent in the enterprise, the Obama administration is asking federal regulators to require carriers to unlock devices upon request, making them available on other networks.

Written by Kenneth Corbin19 Sept. 13 14:00

The best (and worst) countries for cloud computing

The pace of the adoption of cloud computing depends a lot on the extent to which service providers are willing or able to take their operations global and open up datacentres or other operations in new and emerging markets.

Written by Kenneth Corbin06 March 13 22:00

White House Tells Tech Sector to Dream Big

The Office of Science and Technology Policy looks to strengthen the tech startup sector and capture the nation's imagination as it seeks ideas from the best and the brightest.

Written by Kenneth Corbin12 Nov. 12 17:59

Michael Dell 'super excited about Windows 8,' vows no Dell smartphones

Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell is betting big that Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 operating system will be a hit with businesses and consumers alike.
Appearing in a wide-ranging on-stage interview here at market researcher Gartner's annual security and risk management conference, Dell offered insights into several of his company's rapidly evolving business lines, including the decision to walk away from Android tablets in the U.S. market in favor of Windows.

Written by Kenneth Corbin12 June 12 22:00

PC users admit to pirating software - US$63 billion worth of it

More than half of global PC users admit that they pirate software at least occasionally, contributing to a black-market economy estimated at US$63.4 billion in 2011, up from US$58.8 billion the previous year, according to a new survey from the Business Software Alliance.

Written by Kenneth Corbin15 May 12 22:00

Salesforce to launch government Cloud, already a leading provider of cloud services to the public sector, is doubling down on its government business, unveiling on Wednesday a major initiative to host federal, state and local agencies' computing operations in a multi-tenant cloud environment, along with a new app marketplace and a training program to equip integrators with the skills to help government clients shift to the cloud.

Written by Kenneth Corbin25 April 12 23:27

US CIO pitches service-driven federal IT

Much like their counterparts in the private sector, federal CIOs are feeling a budget squeeze as they are expected to deliver a higher level of service and press ahead with ambitious cloud and data-center-consolidation initiatives with flat or even declining resources at their disposal.

Written by Kenneth Corbin03 April 12 22:00