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Opinion: Shields up, Linux

Does a desperate SCO have a leg to stand on? Is a conniving Microsoft really behind The SCO Group? Is Linux headed for a deep freeze? Those were among the questions being hurled about as angry users and industry observers reacted to the latest salvos fired against operating system upstart Linux.
First, B-grade vendor SCO filed a US$1 billion lawsuit against IBM Corp., charging that its intellectual property had made its way into IBM's Linux distribution. Then there was the not-so-shocking revelation that Microsoft, which just licensed SCO's Unix technology, has been quietly urging its sales staff to offer huge discounts to users in order to undercut Linux. Also, SCO suddenly dropped out of the Linux market and threatened users with intellectual property violations. That action has made a few people nervous, and ticked off many. (Mailing threatening letters to 1,358 CEOs of Fortune 2,000 companies is not on the Harvard Business School's list of top 10 ways to win new business and influence the installed base. It's a bad move in any economy, much less this one.)

Written by Patricia Keefe15 June 03 22:00

IT does matter

Kicking up the debate on the future of IT another notch is Nicholas G. Carr's sure-to-be-controversial contention in this month's Harvard Business Review that the pervasiveness of IT will soon make it strategically irrelevant. Summing up his position is the article's headline: "IT Doesn't Matter."

Written by Patricia Keefe12 May 03 14:05