Stories by Bud Bates

The fibre-glut myth

I continually hear firmly stated opinions from various industry gurus and the stock pickers at investment houses that there is an overabundance of fibre-optic cable currently installed across the US.

Written by Bud Bates03 Nov. 02 22:00

Provider wars

Nobody likes a whiner. But the DSL providers in the US acted like one anyway. And now they're paying the price.
Over the years, a number of executives at the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) stated that the RBOCs were being treated unfairly under the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Those execs claimed that the only way high-speed Internet access would proliferate across the United States was if government forcibly leveled the playing field by making the cable companies open their networks to competitors in the same way the RBOCs had to. The RBOCs, it seems, initially dragged their feet in installing broadband services to their customer base because they wanted the DSL service to be unregulated and not placed in the same category as telephony. Telephony, as one might remember, was deregulated. But providers must offer competitors access to their networks at a reduced fee so that they can get into the market without having to put up poles and string wires.

Written by Bud Bates03 Oct. 02 22:00