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TechEd2014: Commodity cloud services are on a race to zero - Microsoft

We are just at the starting point when it comes to price wars between competing global cloud providers and customers will continue to benefit from falling costs, according to Steven Martin, GM for cloud and enterprise at Microsoft.

Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok09 Sept. 14 14:00

In pictures: Plan B opens Tawa data centre facility

Business continuity and disaster recovery service providers, Plan B, opened its Tawa, Wellington-based data centre this week. The facility, which will operated under the company's sub-brand of Southern Cross Data Centres (SXDC), will provide co-location and backup services to customers as part of a national network of facilities. If the remaining install goes according to plan, the company plans to go live with services in the data centre by the middle of September.

Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok14 Aug. 14 08:31

Expect Telecom's internet TV, Lightbox, in the coming weeks

Telecom has confirmed today that it will be launching its internet TV business, called Lightbox, in the next few weeks, with about 5,000 hours of content. This will include exclusive television series and a range of back-catalogues of TV shows.

Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok25 June 14 07:44

Vodafone launches fixed rate roaming service

Vodafone has launched a new roaming service by which Kiwis travelling to 17 destination countries will be able to text, call and use data on their local plan rates for a fixed daily rate of $5.

Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok28 May 14 10:19

Finalists for NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2014 named

The NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2014 finalists were announced at three simultaenous events conducted at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, yesterday evening.

Written by Sathya Mithra Ashok27 March 14 07:27