Stories by Mahesh Sharma

'Gatekeepers' cultivate a bold image

Cloud computing is helping corporate chief information officers overcome their fear of failure, and is opening the door to the kind of blue sky thinking that can foster real innovation.
It is also forcing IT managers to adopt a fresh approach and deliver on the mantra of doing more with less because they can be increasingly liberated from the financial and time resources required to keep the lights on.

Written by Mahesh Sharma23 Nov. 11 22:00

Silicon ceilings

WHEN AMP chief information officer Lee Barnett entered the IT industry more than three decades ago, the Anti-Discrimination Act had not been passed into legislation and some female employees at her company were entered into the payroll system as male.
Since then, she and her peers have seen the industry become a much more welcoming place for women who choose a career in technology, and one where high-profile CIO roles are increasingly being filled by women.

Written by Mahesh Sharma01 Nov. 11 22:00