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The spiral staircase of SOA

Back in the 1980s, object-oriented programming was a state of mind, not the state of the art. Sure, there were OO languages, tools, and frameworks -- such as Lisp and Smalltalk -- but mainstream developers didn't use them. Mainstream developers worked mostly in C.
The best of those developers, however, figured out how to apply an OO mindset to their use of C. I was lucky enough to have worked with a few of these wizards. From them I learned everything I know about interfaces, abstraction, composition, and dynamic behavior.

Written by Jon Udell02 Oct. 05 21:00

Interview: Gates on new directions at Microsoft

After a morning of keynote speeches at Microsoft Corp.'s PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles, InfoWorld's Lead Technology Analyst Jon Udell sat down with Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates for a one-on-one interview. This was first presented as a podcast on the InfoWorld Web site The following is a transcript of the interview.
Jon Udell: So, the Napoleon Dynamite thing was delightful.

Written by Jon Udell15 Sept. 05 22:00

Opinion: Tales from the data entry trenches

When a family member underwent a series of minor medical procedures recently, I got a telling glimpse of the hospital's data-entry systems. As I'm sure is true elsewhere, it isn't a pretty picture.

Written by Jon Udell06 Jan. 05 07:30

On-demand apps demand a richer browser

Can the browser meet the demands of on-demand? On-demand apps are by definition Web apps. That won't come as a shock to enterprises because most of the latest internally deployed enterprise apps -- besides a few client/server holdouts -- already rely on the browser to deliver user experience.

Written by Jon Udell03 Dec. 04 11:10