Stories by Deni Connor

Virtual-Server Vendors' Apps Manage Competing Products

Virtual-server vendors are following the example of systems-management and physical-server vendors by expanding their management applications to control not only their own virtual server environments, but those of their competitors.

Written by Deni Connor24 July 08 08:33

Are holograms in your storage future?

Imagine storing 20,000 X-ray images on a disk the size of a credit card. That's one grand promise stirring up the buzz over holographic storage for the enterprise.

Written by Deni Connor03 Nov. 05 13:51

HP readies storage push aimed at reversing slide

Hewlett-Packard on May 16 is expected to revitalize its storage family with the introduction of a slew of products designed to give customers more flexibility in storing data center and remote-office information.

Written by Deni Connor09 May 05 07:33

Linux makes inroads with Novell users

Early adopters of Novell's Nterprise Linux Services say the package lets them consolidate server operating systems and offers a smooth migration path to Linux from NetWare servers.

Written by Deni Connor19 Aug. 04 10:35

Novell previews business-continuity cluster

Novell is expected to announce a business-continuity product that lets IT administrators cluster as many as four geographically separate storage-area networks to replicate and mirror data among each other for disaster recovery.

Written by Deni Connor03 March 04 09:12

Report: Data warehouse failures commonplace

IT executives implementing data warehousing and business intelligence applications expect a failure in four of every 10 projects, a recently released study says.
A survey released by the Cutter Consortium, an IT analysis firm, says as many as 41 percent of data warehousing projects fail because they don't meet the business objectives of the company or because they ignore what users really need out of a data warehousing application.

Written by Deni Connor20 Oct. 03 21:00

Microsoft rolls out network-attached storage kit

Microsoft has introduced Windows Storage Server 2003 - a technology formerly known as Windows Powered Network Attached Storage (NAS) - and the Server Appliance Kit.
The kit helps vendors create NAS appliances that use an embedded version of Windows Server 2003.

Written by Deni Connor26 Aug. 03 22:00

Interview: Tivoli VP talks storage

Laura Sanders, IBM/Tivoli's newly appointed vice president for storage software, recently spoke with Deni Connor about how Tivoli storage offerings are positioned from IBM's, the company's acquisitions and where she thinks the storage arena is going. Sanders is an 18-year IBM veteran.

Written by Deni Connor05 Feb. 03 10:53

Staying Alive

Financially battered, Novell Inc. is struggling to stay alive. Although the firm is abetted by what analysts say is a brilliant new product strategy and buoyed by a few legacy products that account for more than two-thirds of its revenues, it is thwarted by ineffective marketing and a daunting competitive landscape.

Written by Deni Connor31 July 00 12:01