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How to Build a Business Case For SharePoint

Developing a business case for any IT investment is a complicated exercise. But building a business case for SharePoint poses specific challenges because much of its ROI is intangible: SharePoint deployments can lead to process improvements, but it's not always easy to quantify the dollar value of those process improvements.

Written by Russ Edelman20 Oct. 09 08:21

The true cost of Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint has unquestionably garnered a lot of attention from business users and IT. Toby Bell, Gartner Inc.'s research vice president, calls SharePoint 2007 "nothing short of a phenomenon." He says the growing number of searches for SharePoint on indicates high interest in the product and some confusion about its value.
"For Microsoft and its partner ecosystem, it's easy to see SharePoint becoming the billion dollar baby in ECM [enterprise content management]," says Bell via email. "[However,] estimating the potential ROI of SharePoint and related products for enterprise buyers is harder."

Written by Russ Edelman29 June 09 22:00