Stories by Colin Neagle

Ransomware: Pay it or fight it?

Ask security experts what to do when hit with ransomware -- the sophisticated malware that infects a device or network, uses military-grade encryption to restrict access, and demands payment for the decryption key -- and you'll typically get the same answer: "never pay the ransom."

Written by Colin Neagle17 March 15 00:59

In Pictures: Best of CES 2015

The best and most noteworthy products and technologies found at CES 2015.

Written by Colin Neagle12 Jan. 15 10:43

Drone management: The next frontier

About a year ago, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a bold publicity move he sat down for a <a href="">60 Minutes interview</a> and showed off the company's planned use of drones for same-day delivery to its customers.

Written by Colin Neagle15 Dec. 14 23:40

NASA breakthrough improves 3D printing in space

One of the limitations of 3D printing has been its inability to use different types of materials while printing one product. This has been an obstacle for 3D printing in space travel, which sometimes requires parts composed of several different materials.

Written by Colin Neagle30 July 14 05:13