Stories by John Cox

In Pictures: The Apple Watch

“The most personal device we’ve ever created.” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Written by John Cox11 Sept. 14 10:25

What will Apple unveil on Sept. 9?

Apple will be announcing...something on Sept. 9, according to the technology news site, re/ But if re/code knows what it is, it is not saying.

Written by John Cox06 Aug. 14 02:54

BlackBerry buying German firm for voice encryption

BlackBerry has always touted its mobile devices as secure. But now it plans to make them "more secure" by acquiring a German company that specializes in voice encryption.

Written by John Cox30 July 14 05:23

Say goodbye to desktop phones

"When are we going to get rid of these things?" said Ken Henderson's boss as he pointed at the corded desktop telephone that has been emblematic of the American office for decades.

Written by John Cox15 July 14 22:52

New tools let IT admins cut the cord to manage mobile users

The new release of MobileIron's software for managing mobile devices and data helps IT staff themselves be more mobile and lets management tasks be grouped and segregated to improve privacy and security.

Written by John Cox04 July 14 09:10

In Pictures: Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled Windows Phone 8.1, the first major update to its mobile OS since autumn 2012. There’s a Siri-like personal assistant, centralized notifications, an array of new customization options, and a redesigned keyboard for fast text entry.

Written by John Cox04 April 14 08:59

In Pictures: How Apple's iBeacon works

Apple's iBeacon is already in many iPhones, whether you realise it or not. The technology was rolled out in several Apple store locations back in December, and had many privacy advocates concerned about the implications for user tracking and security. Here's a breakdown of how it works.

Written by John Cox12 Feb. 14 09:05