Stories by Stefan Dubowski

Telcos should be wary of Microsoft's moves

Microsoft's relentless march into the communication technology arena could spell changes for telcos and businesses seeking connective services, according to one IT industry analyst.

Written by Stefan Dubowski01 June 05 08:00

Case Study: Canadian university studies integration

The University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, is finished Phase I of its “Project Nova” -- an administration-app integration plan that should spell improved information sharing among the school’s various departments. But according to one project insider, it’ll be years before the university realizes the benefits of this massive endeavor.

Written by Stefan Dubowski11 May 05 22:00

Pundits sound off on VoIP's future

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology may well usher in a new communication paradigm for the enterprise, but it could also be tough on telecom service providers.

Written by Stefan Dubowski19 May 04 14:24