Stories by Damian Ward

Crowd control

QUESTION: Since the GFC we have had a serious emphasis placed on getting the maximum out of a minimum number of people. As the head of IT, I have to ensure levels of service remain the same with a smaller workforce. I am looking at crowd sourcing, which looks like a cost- and time-effective way to manage my budget while hopefully maintaining standards of service delivery. Are there legal issues?
ANSWER: Crowd sourcing is gaining momentum in a globalising economy. It is the act of outsourcing tasks traditionally performed by an employee or a contractor. But the difference is the contracting party is found on the internet through web platforms and emails. As the name suggests it is sourcing skills, abilities and tasks to be completed by "a crowd".

Written by Damian Ward02 Sept. 10 22:00

Sobering thoughts

Your company's Christmas party should be a time of celebration. Damian
Ward offers tips to avoid a hangover that lasts longer than the next

Written by Damian Ward30 Nov. 08 22:00

Heads in the cloud

Cloud computing is all about the data. The essential issues are who
owns it, who holds it and who has access to it?

Written by Damian Ward10 Nov. 08 22:00