Stories by Lim Kok Kiong

Staying secure in the cloud

Like the wider marketplace, the security landscape is ever-changing, with new nasties popping up every minute.
According to some analysts, digital threats have increased up to fivefold. Not surprisingly, security is a top-of-mind issue for CIOs and their C-suite colleagues. A recently concluded CIO Asia survey on IT security in the Asia Pacific found that, despite the quieter economic conditions, enterprises here spent up to 10 per cent more safeguarding themselves in 2009 than in the year before.

Written by Lim Kok Kiong14 Feb. 10 22:00

Unifying for greater collaboration

Knowledge workers communicate with each other using a variety of desktop and mobile communication technologies and tools: desk phones, email, instant messaging, mobile phones and handheld devices, plus web-based communities and hosted services available via the so-called Web 2.0.
By enabling quick sharing of information even across time zones and geographies, these technologies and tools make it possible for knowledge workers and their organisations, to work together, i.e., collaborate.

Written by Lim Kok Kiong27 Nov. 07 22:00