Stories by Minda Zetlin

How to bridge IT’s growing generation gap

Deft leadership and management skills and a lot of empathy are required to balance the priorities and expectations of millennials, baby boomers and the Gen X-ers stuck between them.

Written by Minda Zetlin22 Aug. 17 20:00

Why IT needs to drive the risk conversation

It's a familiar complaint: Executives from a business department learn about a new, often cloud-based product and they want to try it. Only they can't, because IT has decreed that this wonderful new product creates too much risk. The frustrated business execs gripe that IT is standing in the way of progress. As one business executive said, IT is "where dreams go to die."

Written by Minda Zetlin19 May 14 23:59

The best tech investment I never made

A few years ago, when Bill Weeks was CIO at a leasing company, a big vendor pitched some software intended to manage leasing throughout Europe. Weeks was sceptical. "We noticed that half the stuff they were showing us was PowerPoint slides and not actual functionality," he says. "We decided it wasn't strong enough to run a business on."

Written by Minda Zetlin13 Aug. 12 22:00

Should CIOs have a foreign policy?

In July 2005, a series of suicide bomb attacks in London's transit system killed 56 people and threw the city into a state of confusion. The U.S.-based CEO of a multinational financial company with offices in London posed what to him seemed a simple and essential question: "Are all our people OK?"

Written by Minda Zetlin19 July 11 02:00