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Three stress reduction tips for the office

A study by Towers Perrin shows that companies with employees who call themselves "truly engaged" outperform their nonengaged counterparts on the S&P by 17 per cent. For most of us, engagement is a byproduct of our mental and physical outlook at work. Although the goal is to achieve excellence in what we do, let's face it: No matter how you feel leaving the house as you go to work, there's no telling what surprises the day holds. Very quickly, the mind and body respond to situations around us, and the momentum of stress allows very little pause to course-correct.
But we can take actions to ease physical and mental stress. From how we feel to how we think and consequently lead, there are many choices we can make to relieve the onslaught of stress. Instead of quitting your job and heading to an ashram to find relief, there is a lot you can do to enhance your experience and performance no matter how unrelenting your day.

Written by Tevis Gale29 Jan. 08 22:00