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Less SOA QQ and More SOA Pew Pew

Bear with me a moment as I introduce this topic by QQing about things like QQ. First, let me define my terms. QQ, for the uninitiated, is a pejorative term meaning to complain or cry about something, ostensibly because (given the right font) the two letters look like eyes with tears. The expression "pew pew" is derived from the sound of a laser, and means to take aggressive action. Those familiar with forum-speak and adolescent texting should be familiar with these and other terms, most of which rank high on my list of pet peeves.

Written by Nicholas Petreley06 Sept. 08 03:38

Opinion: Debunking the Linux-Windows market-share myth

Evans Data hired me to help out with a research report focused on Linux developers. They surveyed a broad range of developers, including VARs, consultants, developers working for ISVs and IT-developers for companies of every imaginable size. It turns out there are so many jewels in the survey results that it's difficult to decide which ones to put on display here at LinuxWorld.

Written by Nicholas Petreley28 March 03 09:55