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Why market consolidation hurts CIOs

The conventional wisdom is that it's always better to have fewer software vendors - or even a single vendor-to manage than it is to use multiple vendors. Now that, according to a recent Forrester Research report, there are only 17 large independent software vendors left, it's a good time to reevaluate this closely held belief.
CIOs who subscribe to the "one-throat-to-choke" approach to vendor management typically think about it in one of two ways: Either they want to get the various company departments that run different tools to agree to a single provider or they want to forestall deployment of new tools until their big enterprise vendor supplies them. The goal is to, one way or the other, achieve a standard platform and make running IT easier.

Written by Laurie M. Orlov17 Jan. 08 22:00

How IT departments can learn to say yes to end users

When it comes to new requests from business peers, IT organizations typically put on a happy face. From the CIO to the help desk, staffers try hard to fit new systems into the context of the old, get changes onto the list of prioritized projects and get a grip on emerging technologies. But behind the smiles, let's face it: The job of an IT organization is to protect information with standards, preserve prioritized investments and minimize risk.

Written by Laurie M. Orlov15 Nov. 07 19:33

How to attract women to enterprise IT jobs

Whenever a journalist asks whether or why women hate IT, grumps trot out the usual laundry list of clichés and stereotypes about women's supposed genetic disposition against math and science, the lack of role models or the profession's geeky image. It is a problem that more women are not choosing technology careers, but I think we'll solve it only if we start asking the right question: Why should women want to be in IT?

Written by Laurie M. Orlov20 Sept. 07 14:59