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Opinion: The ten years ago blues -- not!

In the song "Ten Years Ago," blues singer Buddy Guy laments, "Oh, I would like to go back 10 years." The thought of going back to 1995 is intriguing, as it was an interesting time in networking.
The 1995 networking world was vastly different than the one I support today. Instead of variations of Ethernet, my team had to support Ethernet, token-ring and bisynchronous networks. Our cabling infrastructure contained ThickNet and ThinNet coax cables, Type 1 shielded twisted-pair, Type 3 unshielded twisted-pair and twinax cabling. As part of our infrastructure support we installed the appropriate connectors, so our tool kits contained drills for ThickNet vampire taps, crimpers for RJ-45 connectors and channel locks for Type 1 connectors. We carried various punch-down tools, tone generators and yellow "banana probes" to support the phone connections.

Written by Chuck Yoke23 Oct. 05 21:00