Stories by Lex Friedman

Numbers game: Analyst says iPhone market share will exceed Android

A report recently published by Yankee Group concludes that, because iPhone customers are considerably more loyal than Android device buyers, Apple will beat its largest competitor in market share by 2015 - and that the advantage will benefit the iPad as well. 

Written by Lex Friedman28 April 13 22:00

Why Steve Jobs's death feels so sad

On Twitter and Facebook, in my email, and through IMs, I keep hearing a similar refrain: Why am I so sad? Why am I feeling such a strong reaction to the death of someone I've never met?

Written by Lex Friedman07 Oct. 11 06:16

iPhone 4S: Upgrade or wait?

Apple surprised many early this week when it introduced its new iPhone 4S - not because people weren't expecting a phone. They were just expecting a different one.

Written by Lex Friedman04 Oct. 11 22:00

What Apple might announce next week

Now that Apple has announced an October 4 iPhone event - the time to speculate on when exactly the company would hold its fall event is over. But the time to speculate on what the company will announce at that event has just begun.

Written by Lex Friedman27 Sept. 11 22:00